Bad storyline, boring gameplay, best graphic, and sexy main character is the best way to describe what X-Blades has to offer

Overall Score                  5.0

Gameplay                             4.8

X-Blades gameplay mechanic has a lot of potential to be the best hack and slash game. However it fails to draw out the beast within this game. As a result, the game only offers mindless hack and slash and with very interesting magic skills. Although you can dodge by rolling aside from incoming barrage of enemy magics and attacks, you tend not to focus on getting hits because of the bad aiming system that jumps around really fast in a mere second. As a result, you felt confused and irritated because you  canít target on specific units.

When you fight one and two monsters, your beat-em-up skills tends to get used because you will create perfect timing of when to dodge and when to attack. However, most of the X-Blades enemies came in horde and immediately fill up your screen like a dozens of fly in a small peanut jar. You automatically mindlessly hack and slash with luck not to get yourself killed. The game does offer you to dodge. However, it doesnít allow you to use them to the full extend and you have to rely a lot on your luck. In the end, you cannot help but feel irritated.

On the bright side, the magic skill system are quite amazing and cool in some way. It helps a lot when you are pinned down by horde of enemies flooding on your monitor. Magic skills is a fastest way to wipe the entire colony of enemies, or at least cause them to daze for a mere seconds. As you killed enemies, they drop pure light orb that acts as currency to allow you to purchase new magic skills, increase the strength of your bullet and swords, and heal your health. Later in the game, you are able to unlock some of the really cool magics.

The enemies in this game can be unbelievably easy and punishingly hard. Some enemies are fun to beat and offers a great challenge, only if the aiming system is not bad. Some enemies have cool abilities at their disposal, you have to see it for yourself. Most of the time, the enemies mindlessly charge you and it is easy to handle them if you keep pressing attack button and frequently use your magic to speed up the annihilation.

Graphic                               8.5

The developer of this game live up to its promise by successfully create flourishing background detail environments, great looking enemies, and an appealing main character.X-Blades also receives very positive response from critics in the use of lighting. The reflection of the sun through the main characters blade, the fine detail from the broken ruins in abandoned temple, the flickering torch on the wall are superbly realistic, and The shadowy area not touched by the warm-soothing light source are realistically blended. The developersí strong attention-to-detail deserves a high praised by every gamers who played this game. There is a backlash on the detailed environment, it becomes irritating if the enemies when behind the wall charging their spells while your bullets cannot went through the wall while the enemies can. You canít help but to get hit massive damage.

Sound                                4.0

The voice acting on every character in this game are so cheesy and unpleasant. The overall audio quality such as, sword swinging, bullet-pumping, magic effects, and enemies are decent.

Replayability                         3.0

The bad aiming system making the enemies punishingly hard and very repetitive gameplay. As you move each stage, you have to either kill the hordes of enemies and defeat boss, thatís all you have to do in this game. Despite the two alternate endings, lots of unlockables magic skills and moves, the gameplay is irritating enough that discourage you to come back and play this game one more time.

X-Blades offers a lot of potential if the developers know how to unleash the beast within. Unfortunately, it failed to unleash the beast within and eliminates all the potential of creating a masterpiece.


Reviewed by: Yugo C



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