The Godfather 2 will be better than the first one if it does not have numerous minor bugs.

Overall Score     7.0

Gameplay          8.0

Godfather 2 still retains the same fun from its predecessors and adds more fun stuff to make this game into a blast. You will take a role as the Don in this game, you are still able doing the same thing in The Godfather 1 such as, taking over the rackets, intimidating local business owners, and eliminate other mafia families. In addition, you have to assign your underlings to guard the racket you just took, send defenders when other families attacking your racket, and upgrade your crews. You are forced to be tactical to win this game, and anticipated your rival families' every move, as the Don.

This game is quite easy once you get the drill, you can even complete all the challenges this game has to offer with quite a breeze. Your main character can take a lot of punishment from barrage of bullets, you can even take down  big rackets alone, if you're good at it. Your crew members, on the other hand, are quite handy in taking down rival families, they are quite smart as in when to cover and when to shoot. Your crews aren't always smart over small, but important matters, for example as you enter the car, you are expected your crews to quickly enter the car as well. However, they running around twice or three times in circle before they get in to the car, or they just stand around. This minor bug will become nuisance as they occurred often. However, they are forgiving. Another flawless feature they slipped out is that your main character can no longer jump. Jump is really useful when you're vaulting obstacles as high as your kneecaps. However, this game limits to the numbers of obstacles you can jump, and you are forced to take longer routes to get the your desired destination, and there are more bugs.

The last aspect of this game is the main storyline and the optional quests you can do. First the main storyline, it is disappointing that the developers stripped out the original story in the movie and re-tell the Godfather 2 story in a different version. Like, Fredo Corleone not betraying Michael Corleone in Cuba. Why would they change the story when the original story was such a masterpiece?? For the optional quests such as, kill someone or steal important documents are just too easy to accomplish, and the reward are just too much for completing brainless tasks. Making money that easy is just strip off the challenge gamers want.

The Godfather 2 is still a good game despite the numerous bugs, it is still retains the uniqueness of open-world action adventure games from Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. Taking over rackets, controlling your crews, and good-old fashion shoot-em and beat-em up are always good fun.

Graphic          8.0

Graphic wise, The Godfather 2 has improved it from its predecessors. The cars and the impacts of destruction debris between cars looks awesome. Throwing explosive arsenals looks satisfying. The expression of characters are life-like. There is not much to say about the graphics in this game other than that.

Sound          8.0

Although major Non Playable Characters' (NPC) roles aren't voiced by characters from original movies such as, Al Pacino. However, the voice actors in this game are satisfactory. However, most of the Godfather fans prefer it was voiced by original actors to immerse themselves as if they were the Don. As long as, the Corleone families have Italian accent, we are happy to listen to it.

Replayability          4.0

This game is too easy to beat because of you as a main character is as tough as steel, can take significant amount of punishment and your crews are not easy to get killed. It feels that taking over rackets, running away from the cops and defending your turfs are too easy. It is unfortunate that the amount of easiness to accomplish this game is over the roof that makes us, players, do not want to go back and play this game again after beating it. Unless, you are the kind of person who likes achievement too much that you want to get it all.

Reviewed by Yugo C



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