Tom Clancy’s Hawx is an action packed flight game that takes the players to the high skies with amazing graphical details of the skies and the ground.  The war of flight has been realistically computerized and the gamers will fly.

Overall Score                 8.9

Private armies, plays by ones rules; i.e. 2014. High altitude warfare. No State sponsored armies.

Genre: Action, Flight


Enhanced Reality System (E.R.S) technology is used in the game to help new players into elite pilots of the future. This Enhanced Reality System is the basics of the HAWX flight experience that includes; incoming missile detection, aircraft interception trajectories, damage assessment, tactical map, anti-crash system, and weapons trajectory control. Players are also allowed to issue orders to their squadrons and other units.

There is also an assistance mode for players to fly easily while the controls are being activated by the onboard computer, just like the pilot drive in cars. When advanced maneuvers are needed, the assistance mode can be switched off and the player can unleash the full potential of the aircraft.

The multiplayer for HAWX will be revolutionary. Players, for the first time ever in air combat will experience entire solo campaign with seamless JUMP IN/ JUMP OUT functionality. Another great feature to multiplayer is that gamers can challenge each other in intense dog fighting sessions for the Top Gun fighter.

Fun third person shooter that will entertain the players.  This is an easy flight simulater that players will easily learn controls and conquer the skies.  More of a shooter type game, than a flight simulater.  Makes air combat fun to play, a new look at the skies.

Gameplay                     8.0

Controls are great, and the scenery is magnificent.

Graphic                       8.5

The graphics show good texture, and sharp images.  But for some, like the buildings on the ground, might need some work.  From above the skies, the buildings looks great.  When the player fly closer to the ground, the buildings are seen like boxes.

Sound                        10.0

Sounds are great.  Seems like the player is in a real air fight.  The game feels like your watching a movie and in the movie at the same time with the sounds.

Replayability                  9.0

I can play the game over and over again without getting bored.  The multiplayer is great, it’s like playing an action shooter game, but except this is in the air, and the images of planes and the skies are seen.


Reviewed by: Den C



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