Like its predecessor, FEAR 2 sticks to its gameplay elements and improving it on every aspects on what is scary about FEAR.

Overall Score              7.3

Gameplay                    7.8

By improving, doesnít mean the game are better overall. One of the most notable feature in FEAR game is the player able to slow-motion the incoming bullets in a cool-matrix like. First FEAR has done a great job in this aspect, unfortunately FEAR 2 is not that impressive. You canít see the bullet flying clearly which throws off your sense of satisfaction. Aside from that, FEAR 2 improves the slow-motion sequence by highlighting your enemies to make it easier to spot.

FEAR 2 introduces you to new vehicle sequence, where you get on to power armored two-legged vehicle and pummel your enemies in a very cruel, yet satisfying way as they helplessly fight for their life.

The multiplayer are fairly weak, because there is no uniqueness worth mentioning from other shooting games. There are basic modes such as Deathmatch, Capture Point mode, and 16 player Armored Front mode that features two power armored suits. The not so expansive multiplayer mode will result in the lack to sustain community players.

Story wise, FEAR 2 picks up where the original left off, you play as a completely new character named Michael Beckett and your mission is to stop Alma. You have to find out for yourself how the story unfolds. It can be said that FEAR 2 story is very interesting with a very unexpected ending. You can complete this game in 4 hours which is very dissapointing given the amount of time you wait for this game to come out.

Alma, the little girl who looks like Sadoko from The Ring is back to haunt you once more. This time she had different purpose for you instead of killing you like other soldiers around you. The visual of eerie spectral enemies is outstanding, as their ghostly aspirations stand out in the dark.

All in all, FEAR 2 blends perfectly with the elements of creepy athmosphere at times amd intense gun battling with dozens of soldiers against you alone. Although its not as ground breaking as its predecessor, FEAR 2 is still a solid game.

Graphic                      9.0

Fear 2 uses some of the latest graphic technology that makes this game looks very pretty and real-life like. During the first stage of the game where you were in hospital, the graphic looks ordinary, something FEAR 1 graphic could pull. As you progress through the game, the graphic are much better, especially when you are outside of the hospital. The enemies looks polished, especially weird looking gollum-inspiration fast crawling mutants. The special effect on the spectral ghosts is what makes FEAR 2 very impressive. you can clearly see the spectral deformed human stands out on the dark background which adds up the creepiness that makes FEAR 2 awesome.

Sound                       6.5

The music background during the intense fighting scenes are horribly blended. Using techno-persian like music in FEAR 2 throws away the element of fear in FEAR. Aside from that, the sounds from replica soldiers, Alma, the ghosts, Non Playable Character (NPC), and your gun are outstanding. The voice are clear crystal like what you expected on other top quality shooting games. Although the music is good, but it doesnít worked well with FEAR 2.

Replayability                6.0

FEAR 2 doesnít offer a lot, aside from ramping up difficulty and boring multiplayer. There is no reason for player to revisit this game after they complete the storyline. The predictable horror sequence and enemies spawn made this game good for only one time visit.


Reviewed by Yugo C



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