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           Summary Remarks:

This is a great fast action, and well paced game.  An excellent choice for gamers wanting to dice and slice thier foes.  The scenery and game play is like playing a movie, with level ups and skills upgrades.  A great game for the mature, and a bit too violent for children.  This game will excite the mind and at the same time will disgust the gamer as the mutilation might be too great.


Overall Score :  9.0


Gameplay:                   9.5

Play as Wolverine.  Doesn't introduce characters.  All action. New combos and special moves open up. Makes player seem powerful.  Can use lounge abilities to go at enemies.  Health bar refills, that is awesome.

No multiplayer.  Wolverine levels up, as the game progresses.  As the player levels up, Wolverine becomes stronger and skills and special abilities can be learned.  The storyline is great, although lacking some introductions to some characters.  The characters need to be introduced to allow for understanding of newbie X-Men Fans.


Graphic:                       9.5

The cinematics are great and realistic.  Watching the cinematics create a feeling of watching a movie, and sometimes the player would rather watch the cinematics longer than playing.  When Wolverine is hit, bones are shown sometimes.  This is a very unique feature of the graphics in the Wolverine game.  After the bones are shown, Wolverine can regenerate, build flesh and gradually seal up the wound, and the skin looks fine after awhile.  The amazement of the healing ability.


Sound:                        10.0

 The sound is wonderful.  There are sounds with comedy to claw thrashing sounds.


Replay Value:                8.0

Although the replay value would of been greater, the game lacks a multiplayer mode.  This brings down the replay value.  For now, although the replay value is great for single player, in the long run, the game will gradually become boring if there is no multiplayer.




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